• 12 Jul 2023
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is our collaboration tool for storing and sharing work files. These files can be synchronized across all of your devices and accessed anywhere, anytime, both online and offline.

*Please be advised, we are unable to increase the storage limit of an individual's OneDrive. The allotted storage per user is 1 TB. If you find that you are reaching your limit of storage, please contact TechServices for help on how to manage your files more efficiently via Sharepoint.

Installing and Using OneDrive

Faculty & Staff

If you are using a university issued computer, your device will come with OneDrive.
You can log in using your university credentials and verifying your identity with Duo.
You will also have a file location available on your computer where you can save files that will automatically upload to your OneDrive. 


You can always access OneDrive by opening a web browser and going to Login using your UMass Lowell credentials.
You can also download the OneDrive app on your personal computer using the directions below or by using the Play Store or App Store to download OneDrive on your mobile device.  

If you do not have OneDrive, follow the instructions below: 


  1. Download OneDrive for Windows
  2. After download, double click on the OneDriveSetup.exe file
  3. A status bar will indicate it's being installed. "Preparing for first use"
  4. Click the start button and open the OneDrive application.
  5. Enter your University email address and click "Sign in"


  1. Download OneDrive for Mac
  2. After the installation, log in with your uml credentials 

Other Resources

Video Tutorials

Training and Documentation

Mobile Device Setup

Adding Teams/Sharepoint Shortcuts to OneDrive

1.    Open the Microsoft Teams app, click on your Team, then click on “Files” at the top.

2.    Navigate to the folder you want, then click on “Add shortcut to OneDrive
(NOTE: You cannot add shortcuts for individual files, only their containing folder)
To simplify your OneDrive folder list, we recommend adding a shortcut for a higher containing folder instead of multiple shortcuts for folders inside of that folder.   

3.    After the shortcut has been added to your OneDrive, you can find it in Windows Explorer. You can find the Explorer folder icon on your taskbar next to the Start button. 

4.    In this case, there is a shortcut for the folder “Email Messages.” You can differentiate the regular folders from shortcuts by the small symbol on the folder itself.

OneDrive For Business Restrictions/Limitations

For more information, please visit OneDrive for Business Restrictions and Limitations.

Technical Support

For questions, please contact the IT Service desk at 978-934-4357.

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