Blackboard: Importing Grades to SiS
  • 24 Feb 2023
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Blackboard: Importing Grades to SiS

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Faculty have the option to import final letter grades from your Blackboard "Grade Center" to your SiS grade roster. To successfully use this functionality, it is important that your "Grade Center" is correctly set up. The import will only pull the "Grade Center" column that has been set as the external grade column and it will only accept letter grades that match your course‚Äôs SiS grade scheme. Once you import your letter grades into SiS you will have the opportunity to review and edit the grades in SiS. 

Before attempting to import your grades to SiS: 

  • Ensure the grades and calculations in your "Grade Center" are all correct. 
  • Double-check that you have created a column for letter grades, either manual or calculated and that it is set as the external grade column. The brown circle with the green check mark is what indicates it is the external grading column. If you need to add this, use the arrow down-down and select "Set as External Grade".

total column set as external grade

*Note: Grades can be edited multiple times after import, and you can run the import multiple times until you change the "Approval Status" and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. 

For more information about the Grade Center, see the articles "Blackboard: Grade Center Basics for Faculty" and "Blackboard: Grade Center Categories and Weighted Columns for Faculty". For more information on university policy surrounding grades, including Mid-Term Grades, Final Letter Grades, or Grading Schemes, visit the Office of the Registrar Grading Policies webpage.

 it tip logoMerged courses disclaimer: Avoid merging courses for which students may be enrolled in more than one course within a merged set, e.g., Lecture 101 with Lab 806. The SiS Grade Center import function will fail for students with overlapping enrollments in a merged set.  

Importing Letter grades to SiS from Blackboard 

In SiS, navigate to your "Faculty Center", then "My Schedule", and select the "Grade Roster" for the class where you want to import letter grades. Make sure that you are viewing the correct term. 

arrow pointing to the grade roster button

Make sure "Final Grade" appears under "Display Options". Select the button for "Blackboard Import". 

how to find the final grade drop down and blackboard import button

This action will overwrite any existing grades that have not been "Approved" and "Submitted". Click "OK" to continue.

blackboard grade import

 When complete, a popup will provide the number of successful grades imported and if there were any exceptions to review. Click "OK" to continue. 

example of the pop up

Review the exceptions by selecting the "Blackboard Exceptions" link below the "Blackboard Import" button. 

blackboard import button to review

The "Exceptions Report" will list any students with a blank field and any grades that could not be imported and why.

blackboard exceptions reportReview the exceptions and click "OK" to return to the "Grade Roster". Modify individual grades in SIS, as needed, including incompletes. You can also make the changes in Blackboard and run the import multiple times.

When you have reviewed all grades and are ready to approve, go to "Grade Roster Action". In the" Approval Status", change from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved". Click "Save" to send final approval.

grade roster action location

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